Our set of demands

  1. Safe and healthy food, which is produced and marketed with concern for the environment.
  2. On-going application of the precautionary principle in regard to food, environment and health.
  3. Pursuit of independent scientific knowledge in the fields of agriculture and food, which is guided by ethical principles and precautions to protect the environment and public health.
  4. Establishing the primacy of ecological thought and consumer protection in all educational institutions (including patent offices and research centres).
  5. A politically sponsored, intensified, factual and ethical discussion amongst all societal groups (particularly commerce) about atomic energy and about the new technological and scientific risks (e.g. the gene and nanotechnologies) connected with food production, with special regard to the welfare of our children/grandchildren.
  6. Transparency in regard to all information policies related to food production.
  7. Use of our taxes for the promotion of safe, healthy, organic agriculture.
  8. Reward and incentive for ethically correct commercial conduct (encouragement of enterprises whose business protects the environment and welfare of consumers).
  1. Prohibition of all risk-substances that have been introduced into the food chain - either intentionally or unintentionally.
  2. Implentation of all possible measures to prevent the introduction of high-risk materials or substances into the food chain.
  3. Identification of all food contents in a way that is clear and understandable for the general public.
  4. Animal husbandry that is practised in a way suitable to each species, with regional marketing. Complete prohibition, throughout Europe, of fodder from rendered animal remains for plant-eating animals (herbivores), with no time-limit.
  5. Introduction of information on organic food and agriculture in school curricula and publications for farmers.
  6. Prohibition of the use of genetically engineered organisms in the food chain; easily recognisable and understandable process-labelling for gene-engineered food already on the market, including products of animals which have consumed gene-engineered animal fodder.
  7. Drastic enlargement of state control instruments to enable more reliable inspection of the food chain.
  8. Stricter food laws and uncompromising enforcement of already existing legislation.
  9. Support by the government and media in the form of critical, foresighted and independent reporting about interference in our food chain, through programming oriented toward informing the public with concrete tips for consumers.
  10. Widespread information campaigns about the causes and consequences of the climate change with details as to what each citizen can do to reduce CO2 emissions.
  11. Government action for protection of biological diversity (e.g. no agrogene-tech fields near gene-banks), support for local varieties and organic breeding.
Specific demands in regard to agro-genetechnology may be found at our german GMO page.

Do you also support this set of demands? Then please help us with your participation. Only with a "Chain of Solidarity" can we achieve short and long-range decisive changes for a safe and protected future of all of us.