Because of the risk to health and environment, the n-a-h-r-u-n-g-s-k-e-t-t-e refuses to accept genetically engineered organisms in our food chain. We are not willing to have our children and ourselves used as guinea pigs.

Press Release and Resolution of the German Nature Association (Bund Naturschutz): Delegates Meeting demands Gene Technology Moratorium.

We demand that the our political representatives:
  • respect the interests, needs and wishes, as well as the safety, of voters and consumers, and see to it that gene technology does not land on our fields or plates.
  • be committed to production of food that is healthy and beneficial to the environment, and promote research projects that focus on the further development of organic breeding methods.
  • not promote such extreme methods as gene technology, which disregard the barriers inherent in nature and, which, for example, transfer genes between animals and plants.
  • make the provisions of the Gene Technology Act more stringent instead of loosening them! And not dilute the liability provisions.
  • immediately introduce the compulsory labelling of products of animals which have been fed with gene engineered plants, in a way that is easily recognisable for consumers.
  • guarantee that consumers can continue to acquire food that is not genetically engineered.

We demand that farmers:
  • do not give genetically engineered fodder to your animals.
  • do not plant genetically engineered crops.

We demand that scientists:
  • be committed to safe, healthy, natural and unadulterated food production. Scientists should not be commissioned to develop dubious fodder and food which is more in the interest of the food industry than of the consumer.
  • not play dangerous games with our staple foodstuffs!

We demand of the EU:
  • an immediate stop for both planting and importing genetically engineered fodder and food.
  • reforms and transparency in the structure of the WTO (World Trade Organisation) and the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).
  • urgent reforms which place health and environmental protection above commercial interests.

The WTO cannot be allowed to force gene food on us!

"Nature can get along well without mankind, but we cannot get along without an intact nature!"