Goals of the nahrungs-kette

The nahrungs-kette initiative is committed to a food supply that is safe and healthy. Pariticularly the protection of children from a contaminated environment and food is our prime concern. Our initiative pleads for the awareness that only through improving the entire foodchain: from plants, animals, to humanbeings and the environment, and only through a chain of solidarity amongst the consumers, sustainable improvements will be possible. The goal of the nahrungs-kette is through cooperation of all those involved - consumers, politicians, business people, scientists and the media-, the interests of following generations can prevail.

How does the initiative achieve its goals?
  • Catalogue of Demands: Directed to consumers, politicians, business people and scientists. By regular updating of the catalogue and its dissemination by inclusion of the media, as well as watching over its implementation, our initiative has been able to, and will continue to, achieve these improvements.
  • Activities: Signed petitions, Information events and Demonstrations
  • Public education through :
    - The Homepage
    - Sensitizing and mobilizing existing networks and associations.