Why foodchain

Whether our food is really life-giving food has been questionable for a long time.
Hormones and antibiotics in food, traces of pesticides in vegetable and fruit, and countless food scandals that frequently originate from animal fodder scandals. For example, the BSE scandal as a result of giving plant-eating animals (herbivores) fodder composed of animal remains. And now, gene-engineered fodder for herbivores: The consequences will hardly be less serious than in the case of BSE, since gene-manipulated plants tend to spread uncontrolled in nature.

Animals as garbage disposals and humanbeings as the final garbage dump! Unhealthy and even repulsive ingredients in food.
It is time for quality not to be a luxury, but a necessity.

As if we did not have enough problems already due to the food scandals, agro-gene technology is being promoted and can hardly be topped in tastelessness. Genes of animals, bacteria and plants are exchanged at will using extreme breeding techniques, so that we can no longer know exactly what we are eating.

The conviction, that health interests and ethical principles have priority over commercial interests.

A sense of responsibility for our children! Therefore, we demand that politicians, businesspeople and science use their power and financial resources responsibly for the well-being of future generations.

This will be achieved through:
  • Increased awareness of the interconnection between a healthy environment, agriculture and food supply.
  • Production of food that is as unadulterated and natural as possible - food that tastes good and is good for us.