About us

The n-a-h-r-u-n-g-s-k-e-t-t-e (f-o-o-d-c-h-a-i-n) is a purely honorary, independent and politically unaffiliated initiative, which was founded in 2000. Our sponsor is Ms. Edith von Welser-Ude, photographer, and the wife of Munich's Mayor Christian Ude. She is renowned for her multifold involvement in organizations such as UNICEF and for her deep concern for the welfare of children. Several organizations support our work, amongst others, the Bund Naturschutz, a nature protection society; the Kinderschutzbund, a children's protection association; the Stadtbund Münchner Frauenverbände, a city association of Munich's women's federation and the Umweltinstitut München e.V., a Munich environmental organization.

In order to be independent, the nahrungs-kette has been financed exclusively by private means since its founding. For special activities, cooperation partners can finance, for example, the printing of flyers or provide the use of technical equipment. Our creed is: achieve the most possible effect with the least possible financial expenditure. The members of our team work for the nahrungs-kette without any financial remuneration.

Without moralising and polemics we provide information to the public - with enthusiasm - so food which at the same time preserves our natural resources is really good food because it is based on sustainability!

Our approach focuses on cooperation instead of confrontation.

Initiators: Heike Bedrich, entrepreneur; Christina Hüge-Hornauer, lawyer; Katrin Lorrig-Wossagk, DPT operator; Elena Rublack, actress; Kirke vom Scheidt, teacher; Lorraine Schweer, B.A. Sociology; Dr. Inci Sieber, M.Sc.(econ.agrar.); Filiz Freifrau von Thermann, architect; Cäcilia Triep, nutrition consultant; Dr. Evelyn Wiedenmann, pharmacist.

Contact: Dr. Inci Sieber
e-mail: info@nahrungs-kette.de